Oberlinhaus | IDEAL 4.0 Project

Project Category
Design Research
Participatory Design
Project Timeline
May–November 2022
Project Role(s)
Research Assistant


Participatory design workshops were developed for the Oberlinhaus IDEAL 4.0 Project. Facilitated by design possibility cards, students and stakeholders prototype potential solutions across eight ‘How Might We’ categories.


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During my time as an academic assistant at CODE University, I was honored to participate in the Oberlinhaus IDEAL 4.0 project (Abkürzung für "Inklusives Digitales Arbeits(er)Leben" / Acronym for "Inclusive Digital Working Working Life"). The brief of the project was to co-design with vocational training academy Oberlinhaus a range of digital tools. The tools and mediated experiences should create inclusive and equitable opportunities through the journey from vocational training to workplace integration.

Over the course of my participation, our team created three participatory design workshops. My responsibility was to develop artifacts to mediate the workshops, which included a variety of visual elements. Due to the nature of the research, only selected works have been authorized for sharing. In total, more than 50 Illustrations were iterated which included storyboards, iconography & supporting visuals.

In addition to the illustrations, I participated in the project conducting secondary research in Winter 2021. Literary analysis covered topics on: Inclusive Design, Social Sustainability, Co-design, Empowering Young Adults with Inclusion Needs, Psychosocial and Cognitive Inclusion. Papers were archived in a Zotero database with linked annotations & structured analysis. I was honored to be part of a project with such a brilliant team, robust inclusive methodology and social impact.


Working Student Team
Anja Kocevska | Illustrator + Research Assistant
Maximilian Klumker | Research Assistant + Illustrator
n.B. Visualisations from colleagues not included in portfolio*

*Partial exception on fig. 3, layout by Klumker
Research Team
Martin Knobel | Professor ID & Head Researcher, CODE
Pras Gunasekera | Senior Lecturer ID & Researcher, CODE
Lara Piccolo | Senior Lecturer ID & Researcher, CODE
Bernadette Gruber | Head Research Assistant, CODE
Laura Stähler | Scientific Associate, Oberlinhaus
Oberlinhaus Team
Lukas Kretschmer, Marlene Nylund, Sophia Kaschubowski, Antje Bensching, Kristin Göbel, Dennis Bosch, Silke Jupé, Denis Hanke