Spotlight Project

Oberlinhaus IDEAL 4.0 stands for ‘Inklusives Digitales Arbeits(er)Leben’. For this project, participatory design workshops were developed. Facilitated by design possibility cards, stakeholders prototype potential solutions across eight ‘How Might We’ categories...

Spotlight Project

'Sehnsucht' is a futures thinking gallery showcasing the collective thoughts and emotions on climate futures. Animated sketches, quotes and interviews collected in Berlin were projected on the walls. The aim for this art project was to foster a bridge the individual & shared...


I originally trained in Environmental Design (bArch) at Montana State University, before moving to Berlin to continue my studies at CODE University. Enriched by the curiosity-driven Interaction Design (bArt, Hons.) program, my continued work explores the intersection of spatial and digital design.

Having grown up in the lush forests of Washington State, USA, nature has always been an integral part of my life and work. I see design not just an act of world-building but, equally, listening to your surroundings. If not in the studio, you'll likely find me chilling in the park with my dog.

My favourite part about living in Berlin is being able to express myself and engage in arts and queer culture. I couldn't possibly pick a favourite, but I love Sameheads and Südblock for a night out with friends. When I'm not at a techno party or a drag show, my go-to listen is Joesef. My latest netflix binge was Halston, and I cry every time I watch Finding Nemo.


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